Sandblasting in Baltimore, MD

For a flawless coating that stands up to all the rigors of hard use, weather, and intense conditions, you need a surface that’s fully prepared and ready for the finish. Sandblasting in Baltimore, MD is the answer. It’s one of the pivotal steps in preparation for military machinery and other high-tech equipment. The team at Mil-Spec Painting, Inc. is ready to handle all of your sandblasting, painting, and coating work to ensure your military vehicles and equipment are protected and perform as they should.

In addition to blasting with sand, we also offer plastic media blasting that will gently prepare any surface for finishing. We can exceed all of your specifications for defense-grade work when it comes to complete preparation and painting services. At our 10,000 square-foot climate-controlled facilities, we can handle equipment of all sizes to meet the needs of our clients.

We are an essential part of the military finishing industry and are ready to meet the precise specifications for every product. Once we’ve completed sandblasting, we make sure that every finish is applied in the ideal conditions so that the end result meets all standards and expectations. Contact us today so that we can discuss how we can meet all your contract specifications.

How can we handle all of your finishing needs?