Professionally Precise Custom Painting and Finishing in Baltimore, MD

We have a reputation at Mil-Spec Painting, Inc. as a company that can easily handle complex specialty work with outstanding attention to detail. From our 10,000 sq. foot climate-controlled facility, we serve a large local customer base for custom painting and finishing in Baltimore, MD. We are also relied upon by other notable clients nationwide. Major corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, TCOM, and BAE Systems have audited and approved our processes as meeting their stringent production standards. 

At Mil-Spec Painting, Inc., we believe that having a strong foundation is the key to ongoing success. That’s why we encourage growth from within with a workforce that is motivated to learn the various aspects of our business. Our custom painting company is lucky enough to have team members who have been with us from day one. Thanks to their assistance and knowledge, we can offer to mentor new employees so that we can continue to grow and support our customers.

Our team includes experienced professionals who are very skilled in project management and scheduling. They work with customers throughout the process, from providing an initial quote through delivery to post-delivery follow-up.

Our Mission

To build strong and successful long-term relationships by providing on-time delivery of the highest quality services.

Our Belief

"...metal finishers don't own the product; they become the custodians of the customer's property."
- Matthew Kirchner

How can we handle all of your finishing needs?